Payroll for Restaurants

Restaurant owners, what is the perfect recipe for reporting employee tips? The logistics of reporting gratuities can be a daunting payroll management and accounting issue. Here are some guidelines to help understand the process. For Employees Service employees earning tips are required to report that income to the IRS, but employees know that the more […]

We know restaurants

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Payroll changes for 2018 and how they will affect your paycheck

With recent tax reforms the Internal Revenue Service has issued several new changes to employee payroll. Here are just a few to prepare for in 2018: Taxes As you may already know, Congress recently passed comprehensive tax reform legislation. For an in-depth analysis of the bill, please click here. The analysis features a comparative chart […]

Is your business covered by EPLI Insurance?

The recent spate of sexual harassment claims against celebrities and business executives should come as a warning to every small business. Sexual harassment – actual or perceived – occurs in almost every single company – even the smallest ones – and the savviest managers and business owners prepare for a claim before they ever even […]