Client Referral Program

Get $$$ for Referrals!

Do you know a business that could use some help with...
Payroll? HR? Employee Benefits? Workers' Compensation? Tax Compliance?

Know someone - sibling, cousin, friend, neighbor - who owns a business?
Have a favorite restaurant or bar, neighborhood car wash, locally owned retail store?
Worksite is here to help!


Fill out the form below to refer your favorite business to Worksite.
We'll handle the rest!

When referrals turn into clients, we'll put money in your pocket!

Referral Program Details

Complete the form below to submit a referral.

If the business meets basic underwriting guidelines,* we will reach out to them to schedule an introductory call or in-person meeting. 

If the business agrees to partner with Worksite, we will contact you to set up payment for the referral.

It’s that easy!

* We love restaurants, hotels, professional services, retail and wholesale businesses, assisted-living facilities and home health, manufacturers, and general construction. We reserve the right to underwrite all prospective clients. Not all companies will qualify.

Earn a ONE-TIME PAYMENT for each new client* based on your referrals:

Turn Referrals into $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$

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